Thursday, June 19, 2008

My checkup

Today we discussed our options with Dana as far as if inducing is something we want to do. I am dilated 1cm and effaced 80 percent! She said that's real good. She also stripped my membranes (stuck her fingers in my cervix and stretched it). It did not feel good! But this may help progress labor. As it stands right now, I have another appt. to have my contractions and Amelia's heart rate monitored tomorrow, then I am scheduled to be induced Tuesday! So if nothing happens over the weekend, we will have a baby no later than Tuesday!


Michelle said...

Yippee! I get to see her be born! lol See you tonight! Love ya! Oh, let me know who is picking us up. :-P

SA said...

No Sunday update.........I hope this means baby is here on well on her way. Loves to all.

Michelle said...

you need to seriously update. heheheee