Thursday, June 19, 2008

My checkup

Today we discussed our options with Dana as far as if inducing is something we want to do. I am dilated 1cm and effaced 80 percent! She said that's real good. She also stripped my membranes (stuck her fingers in my cervix and stretched it). It did not feel good! But this may help progress labor. As it stands right now, I have another appt. to have my contractions and Amelia's heart rate monitored tomorrow, then I am scheduled to be induced Tuesday! So if nothing happens over the weekend, we will have a baby no later than Tuesday!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Heh...another appointment

This morning I went in for a growth scan and another fluid check, aka ultrasound. I have quite the collection of pictures! I was worried my fluids were going to be high still, but I measured 21. With 25 being the max, I was pretty happy with that. The growth scan is when the tech measures individual body parts and charts them to determine an approximate weight. Well check this out. This little girl was determined to weigh about 8 lbs 12 ounces! And she will continue to gain 1/2 lb a week as long as she cooks. Youch. I have my regular check up on Thursday, I hope I am dilating by then!

And....I am very excited to say I lost my mucus plug this morning at 1:30AM.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Week 39

I am soooo sad. I have officially began getting stretch marks, and it really bums me out! I've had them about 4 days now. Urg!! I was doing so good!
I weighed 159.0 and measured upper 42 1/4, mid 43 1/2 and lower 42 1/2. I lost about 1/2" which I hope is some of that fluid! I am trying real hard to keep moving so maybe we can get me dilated a little. If they have to induce Thursday it will be easier if my cervix is ripe. I started logging my contractions and they are still pretty irregular. Frequent, but not consistent. And of course the little girl is fidgeting and moving all the time.

I also went on vacation today....

Friday, June 13, 2008

Another Appointment

Today I went in for fetal monitoring. This was my first time doing this so I was a little nervous. It turned out fine. I sat in a chair for an hour while a machine recorded Amelia's heart rate and my contractions. I had four! Her heart rate was fine, so I was much relieved. Then I went for another fluid check and measured 25 this time. 25 is the max, but that's ok with me! I felt much better about this appt. Plus Chris was there which made me very happy!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

My Appointment

I am getting really sick of these bad news appointments! I had an exam, I have not progressed at all since the last appointment, which is ok, but I measured 42. So up to ultrasound I go. This time instead of getting good news that my fluids were ok I get my fluids are measuring 28 (last week was 15). So what's up with that? Now this doesn't pose a risk to Amelia, but they worry that with excess fluid the pressure of the water breaking could cause the umbilical cord to pull out. However, this is uncommon.
Now I have a series of appointments for heart monitoring and more fluid checks next week. If my fluids remain high they want to induce me on Thursday!

By the way it is our 9 year anniversary today! And my gift was the most beautiful ring I could ask for. A 1 1/4 carat platinum 3 stone ring. The picture doesn't do it justice. This was supposed to be my 10 year present as 10 is a diamond, so I got it a little early!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Week 38

Man am I tired. I actually napped for an hour yesterday which is so not like me. I want one right now! We went to the beach and took pics today, I don't have much longer so we had to go get that done ASAP.
I gained 3 pounds! (157.2) I measured almost 2 inches larger as well, but it could just be positioning. The upper was 43, mid 44 1/4 and lower 42.
She is still kicking and moving around as usual! I can't really tell at this point if my braxton kicks have transitioned into regular contractions, but I distinguish them as either a hickie contraction or a hot face contraction. Sometimes they are strong and my face feels like it is flush but I don't think I actually turn red. Heh.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

My Appointment

Today I saw Carmen, and she told me a few things that did not make me too happy. First she tells me my strep test came back positive. I guess it's known that it can cause the baby to get pneumonia at birth without antibiotics. They simply give you small doses in active labor. She said it was very common. Whatever, I have a weird strain of bacteria in my v-jay and I don't like it. Then she examines my belly and tells me I look too big for 37 weeks. She was right, I measured 41! She did tell me her head is a pretty good size, so looks like I might have a little chunker like I was! She was kicking the crap out of me during the whole appt and it showed, her little heart rate was 160. The good news is I am 60% effaced, which means my cervix is thinning quite a bit. Her head is at -2 station, (0 would be the tip of her head at the bottom of my pelvis). No dilation yet.
So Carmen sends me to the diagnostics place for an ultrasound to have my fluids checked. I was a little worried at this point because for some reason it's not good to have access fluid. Amanda and I watched a few episodes of Rachael Ray waiting to be seen. It took forever! Anyhow, that's where the good news kicks in. She looks great! I got to see her little heart beating, her tummy breathing in and out, and best of all, we confirmed she's a girl! No surprises! fluid levels are perfect,she said they measured 15, whatever that means. So, it all works out. Only thing I wish was Chris could have been there.
Here's the pics I got today...what a great money shot!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Week 37

Yay the nursery is done!
We worked hard this week getting lose ends done. Nursery, getting my goody bag ready for the hospital, picking up stuff here and there. I think I have everything I need...I guess?
So I gained a pound (153.6) and measured upper 41 mid 42 1/2 and bottom 41.

I think I'll take this time to summarize exactly what I have been experiencing so far that I may have failed to mention.

1. Parts of my legs and feet are numb, especially my right knee. It hurts if I lean on it the wrong way. A 3" circumference around my belly button is also numb.
2. I have a nagging ache in my mid right side of my back that ties into the side of my belly (ligaments perhaps?) I experience this mostly if I have been sitting too long, along with swollen feet.
3. I still have dry flaky red skin on my chin that I can't seem to kick. I am also developing blotchy brown spots on my face from the sun. Sunscreen!
4. I can no longer wear my wedding ring, it's worn on my necklace.
5. I've been experiencing "pee constipation". Sometimes it just won't come out.
6. I pee all night every 2 hours. I'm not joking. I also down a bottle of water in the night too. I can't seem to ever get enough to drink.
7. When I cry (which is very easy to do) or even get the slightest of watery eyes my head will hurt. As soon as those tear ducts dry up I feel fine again.

Now, these are not nags or complaints, just notes of what my body has been up to. I have had a great experience so far! She doesn't even kick me too bad anymore for lack of space. She figets a lot and that makes me skirmy if she gets on a roll. Sometimes it's just ridiculous and I have to tell her to knock it off.