Thursday, June 12, 2008

My Appointment

I am getting really sick of these bad news appointments! I had an exam, I have not progressed at all since the last appointment, which is ok, but I measured 42. So up to ultrasound I go. This time instead of getting good news that my fluids were ok I get my fluids are measuring 28 (last week was 15). So what's up with that? Now this doesn't pose a risk to Amelia, but they worry that with excess fluid the pressure of the water breaking could cause the umbilical cord to pull out. However, this is uncommon.
Now I have a series of appointments for heart monitoring and more fluid checks next week. If my fluids remain high they want to induce me on Thursday!

By the way it is our 9 year anniversary today! And my gift was the most beautiful ring I could ask for. A 1 1/4 carat platinum 3 stone ring. The picture doesn't do it justice. This was supposed to be my 10 year present as 10 is a diamond, so I got it a little early!


Michelle said...

Well that would suck if you have her the day before we get there. :-( Don't drink so

Michelle said...

By the way, happy anniversary to you two! That ring is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!

SA said...

Cheryl and Chris congrats on your 9 years! Cheryl don't stress it too much girl, it will all work out, the more you stress the more symptoms will arise! Im sure you have heard that a million times. I went through the same thing with Audrey and really the last two weeks I had to make my safe take it easy, relax and relax some more! Here is some good news for you.......... I am sending you guys something in the mail. Not sure how long it will take to get there, but I think you will really like it. Keep resting and don't worry before long she will be here and you will wonder where the time went. loves to all.