Sunday, June 1, 2008

Week 37

Yay the nursery is done!
We worked hard this week getting lose ends done. Nursery, getting my goody bag ready for the hospital, picking up stuff here and there. I think I have everything I need...I guess?
So I gained a pound (153.6) and measured upper 41 mid 42 1/2 and bottom 41.

I think I'll take this time to summarize exactly what I have been experiencing so far that I may have failed to mention.

1. Parts of my legs and feet are numb, especially my right knee. It hurts if I lean on it the wrong way. A 3" circumference around my belly button is also numb.
2. I have a nagging ache in my mid right side of my back that ties into the side of my belly (ligaments perhaps?) I experience this mostly if I have been sitting too long, along with swollen feet.
3. I still have dry flaky red skin on my chin that I can't seem to kick. I am also developing blotchy brown spots on my face from the sun. Sunscreen!
4. I can no longer wear my wedding ring, it's worn on my necklace.
5. I've been experiencing "pee constipation". Sometimes it just won't come out.
6. I pee all night every 2 hours. I'm not joking. I also down a bottle of water in the night too. I can't seem to ever get enough to drink.
7. When I cry (which is very easy to do) or even get the slightest of watery eyes my head will hurt. As soon as those tear ducts dry up I feel fine again.

Now, these are not nags or complaints, just notes of what my body has been up to. I have had a great experience so far! She doesn't even kick me too bad anymore for lack of space. She figets a lot and that makes me skirmy if she gets on a roll. Sometimes it's just ridiculous and I have to tell her to knock it off.

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Michelle said...

You need us...and we'll be there soon! The nursery looks great! Love you!