Sunday, October 18, 2009

No more Binks!

Her pacifiying days are officially over! It's been 2 days and 3 nights now, and she really has been great about it. A little fussy in the day, but a little distraction always does the trick. Nap and bed time...forget about it. No big deal at all! I was so shocked! Although, last night she cracked me up going to bed. She "blah blah blahed, talk talk talked" while laying over my shoulder. Then she sits up and tries to eat my face, then my necklace, then my shirt. Silly kid!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

15 month well check

Baby girl did good today! She whined as usual throughout the exams, but didn't seem as clingy as usual. She weighed 27.5 lbs (95%) and measured 32" (87%). That was our first time not being in the ninties! Her head measured 20.5" (>97%). She is growing so fast!
We are almost done with our shots, only one more visit until she starts school! I am so excited! Technically today should have been our last visit but she is behind on 2. I may or may not get her flu done then too.