Monday, March 31, 2008

My glucose test

I don't know what you girls are complaining about. Perhaps it tastes better these days, but mine tasted like nothing more than semi flat Pepsi. It was easy to drink, only problem was I had 3 minutes to guzzle it. I'm a sipper, so that sucked.
So it was drink, wait an hour, and have my blood taken. Easy as one, two, three....

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Week 27 and 28

Wow what an eventful week! As you all know I had my baby shower in Lancaster this past Saturday, and it was a blast! I couldn't have asked for anything better. I think about 50 people were there, and it was awesome hanging out with everyone. Amelia was very quiet the whole time, Michelle and Mary kept shaking her and trying to get her to move with no luck!
I gained 3 pounds in 2 weeks (139.2) which I'm pretty happy about considering how much I pigged out on vacation. This makes me 24 pounds to date. I only have 11 pounds left so I better use them wisely :) My belly measured upper 37 1/4, mid 39 and lower 39 1/2. I am also officially in my 3rd trimester. Whoo hoo!
She kicked quite a bit while I was there, I think mostly everyone got a feel. She has her moments. Either she won't keep still or she's very quiet.
We painted the nursery today, not all the details but just the solid color on the walls. That would be pink of course!

Just for fun, here's my first sign of stretch marks. URG!

My big fat foot. Isn't there supposed to be an ankle in there somewhere?

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Week 26

This week was pretty different. Not only did I gain 3 pounds (136.2) but I gained about 2 inches around! My upper is 36 3/8, mid 38 and lower 38 1/4. I am feeling puffy, gassy and tired a lot. I was looking at my ankles yesterday wondering if they were turning into cankles. I can barely clean my bathtub anymore and when I lean over the sink to brush my teeth I have to get my tippy toes so my belly doesn't press up against the edge of the sink.
I also learned that the baby's brain is growing the most right now, so I have been loading up on brain food like eggs, soy chocolate milk and my omega enriched peanut butter. And of course fish when I can.
She is moving much more this week. She's not really kicking so much as she is pressing. Every so often she'll move and press her foot or something up against the uterine wall. It's really cool! It doesn't tickle as much as the kicking does. When she does it my belly gets brick hard in that spot until she moves it.
The baby shower is next weekend! I can't wait!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Week 25

Wow, the time is going by fast! And I am getting BIGGER even though the measurements I take seem to contradict that! I gained 2 pounds (ouch!) 132.6. My belly measured upper 34 3/4, mid 36 5/8, and lower 37 3/4. She moved more this week, but still not giving me any monster punches. She must be lazy like her mom. I am also at the point where none of my "normal" clothes fit. I have to rely on maternity pants if I want to breathe. But you know what, they are so comfy I wish I could wear them always!
I finally bought my pregnancy scrapbook so I can get started putting that together. I also couldn't resist the buying of more outfits. There is nothing more irresistible than little girl outfits, especially when they're on sale! We are also going to pick up paint for the nursery today, we have an idea of what we're going to do.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Another Checkup

I had another check up today, everything looks great. Dana measured my belly at 25". The baby's heartrate was 156. My weight gain to date is 20 pounds but she said I'm doing fine as long as I continue to exercise. Chris missed this appt. :(
I have to do my glucose test next appt, and I was thrilled when Dana said it was a non fasting test. Thank God! I am not good at not eating. You only have to fast if you fail the first test. The second round would require a fast. yay!
Also, I think her name is unofficially Amelia Michelle.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Week 24

And yet another uneventful week. Barely gained any weight, 130.8, and measured upper 37 1/4, mid 37 and lower 35 3/8. She hasn't moved much either. Well she moves here and there but the kicking has not been happening like she used to. I'll take a pic tomorrow. Goodnight!