Sunday, March 9, 2008

Week 25

Wow, the time is going by fast! And I am getting BIGGER even though the measurements I take seem to contradict that! I gained 2 pounds (ouch!) 132.6. My belly measured upper 34 3/4, mid 36 5/8, and lower 37 3/4. She moved more this week, but still not giving me any monster punches. She must be lazy like her mom. I am also at the point where none of my "normal" clothes fit. I have to rely on maternity pants if I want to breathe. But you know what, they are so comfy I wish I could wear them always!
I finally bought my pregnancy scrapbook so I can get started putting that together. I also couldn't resist the buying of more outfits. There is nothing more irresistible than little girl outfits, especially when they're on sale! We are also going to pick up paint for the nursery today, we have an idea of what we're going to do.


Michelle said...

I knew that dress would make an adorable maternity outfit! I can't wear mine next to you. I would look prego. You are so cute. :-D

SA said...

You look so cute!! I'm glad you are having a great pregnancy. What kind of scrapbook are you doing? I soooo love scrapbooking. Totally addicted. Also can you send me your address please I would like to send a few things? I too love shopping for Audrey and now she loves to shop as well. She has the worst shoe fetish. Anyhow hugs to Chris and yourself.