Sunday, April 27, 2008

Week 32

Not a very eventful week. Weighed 146.6 and measured upper 40, mid 41 and lower 40 1/2. More gaining! I'm getting quite big, I took a pic of me in my bathing suit and I looked enormous! I don't think I have the courage to post it though! She has been more quiet this week, but still moving just the same.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Checkup and L&D Tour

Had my appt today, all the midwives were completely booked so I saw a nurse. Amelia measures 31-32, so right where she needs to be. Her heart rate was a solid 150bpm. Everything is going great! The nurse also told me the results of my glucose test. I scored a 120 and normal is below 135. So I'm good there too!
After my appt. Chris, Amanda and I went on the labor and delivery tour of the hospital. I got to see what the rooms look like and all that jazz. They look like little motel rooms, not bad! I was also thrilled that they had tubs in them so I can soak if I want. I guess these days they don't have nurseries anymore, so baby stays by your side the whole time.
We also went to our first birthing class last night. I had Chris and Amanda there for team Brown. I felt pretty good considering a few girls didn't have anyone. We went over some basic delivery procedures and learned exercises to help move baby into better postitons. Chris learned massage techniques to keep me calm. I was in heaven! And I learned how to do a proper kegal :)

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Week 31

Happy Birthday to me! And my gift to myself is water retention...again. Yep, the cankles are back with a vengeance! I gained almost 4 pounds! This morning I weighed 144.6 and measured upper 39, mid 40 3/4 and lower 39 3/4. Almost an inch of growth! Not much new to report, she is still not kicking as much as she is just moving all over. I'm also experiencing a lot lately those Braxton Hicks contractions. My entire belly just contracts and gets really tight and brick hard, then it releases. Funny stuff.
My child birth classes start Tuesday!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Week 30

What a great week. I found my ankles again, and I lost weight! Well, I believe I just lost some of my water retention. I have ankle bones again...for now.
I weighed 141.0 and measured upper 38, mid 39 3/8 and lower 39 3/8. No growth either. But she sure is moving! She was quiet in the beginning of the week which was concerning me. However, all changed by mid week and she is rockin and a rollin all the time. I noticed too her movements are feeling different. Sometimes I just feel the movements without kicking and all that. I can sit on the couch and watch my belly wobbling all over the place, it's really quite entertaining!
For the most part, I feel the same as always. But I am extremely HOT all the time. Even the bottom of my feet sweat. Sleeping is better, for awhile I was having a hard time staying asleep. I can thank my new body pillow for that. I love it!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Week 29

Kick, fidget, press. That's been my week in a nut shell! She's been pretty active. I weighed 141.4, up a few pounds. I measured upper 38, mid 39 1/2, and lower 40. Yes, I hit the big 4-0. I have been consistently gaining roughly 1/2 an inch per week.