Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Checkup and L&D Tour

Had my appt today, all the midwives were completely booked so I saw a nurse. Amelia measures 31-32, so right where she needs to be. Her heart rate was a solid 150bpm. Everything is going great! The nurse also told me the results of my glucose test. I scored a 120 and normal is below 135. So I'm good there too!
After my appt. Chris, Amanda and I went on the labor and delivery tour of the hospital. I got to see what the rooms look like and all that jazz. They look like little motel rooms, not bad! I was also thrilled that they had tubs in them so I can soak if I want. I guess these days they don't have nurseries anymore, so baby stays by your side the whole time.
We also went to our first birthing class last night. I had Chris and Amanda there for team Brown. I felt pretty good considering a few girls didn't have anyone. We went over some basic delivery procedures and learned exercises to help move baby into better postitons. Chris learned massage techniques to keep me calm. I was in heaven! And I learned how to do a proper kegal :)

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