Sunday, April 13, 2008

Week 30

What a great week. I found my ankles again, and I lost weight! Well, I believe I just lost some of my water retention. I have ankle bones again...for now.
I weighed 141.0 and measured upper 38, mid 39 3/8 and lower 39 3/8. No growth either. But she sure is moving! She was quiet in the beginning of the week which was concerning me. However, all changed by mid week and she is rockin and a rollin all the time. I noticed too her movements are feeling different. Sometimes I just feel the movements without kicking and all that. I can sit on the couch and watch my belly wobbling all over the place, it's really quite entertaining!
For the most part, I feel the same as always. But I am extremely HOT all the time. Even the bottom of my feet sweat. Sleeping is better, for awhile I was having a hard time staying asleep. I can thank my new body pillow for that. I love it!

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Michelle said...

Body pillows are the best! Well I didn't have those...I had like 6 pillows instead. LOL!