Monday, December 31, 2007

A few more thoughts

I think I figured out my growth issue. All my pants and shorts are tight now, but they are all low rise. I believe my lower abdomen is getting bigger when I have been measuring around my belly button. I also read somewhere that I will get water retention around my hips. Baby is also in my lower abdomen right now, so there you go. I dreamt last night that we had the ultra sound and it was a girl. Five more weeks to go!

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Week 14 Day 5

I'm not really digging the whole weight to growth ratio. Seems I am steadily gaining weight and my belly isn't growing. I weighed 121.0 this morning and my belly is 33 3/4. My lesson for the week is if you feel like you gotta poo, do it right away or else it's gonna hurt! Constipation sucks.
I bought my first round of pregnancy clothes this week. I can still fit in my clothes but I do a lot of sitting at work and my jeans are just killing me. I got a dress and a few pairs of stretchy capris with cute preggo tops. They'll look cuter once I grow into them.

Friday, December 28, 2007

As Promised...

We're driving down the Kam on our way to Ala Moana Mall and this is the treat we get. This was worth the U turn to drive back around for pictures don't you think??? BTW in case it's hard to tell...yes that's tin foil baby.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Week 13 Day 5

I am squeezing this blog in last minute, it's 10pm and I have been busy all day. Jeremy and Shannan came in on Thursday and we have them until next Thursday. We are having alot of fun!
So of course I forgot to weigh in and and measure before I ate this morning. I measured 33 1/3 and 121.4 pounds after a fat stack of hot cakes, coffee and water. Oh well. Nothing much has changed except I am noticing that I am not peeing as much as I used to. I usually awake at 3am to release myself but I haven't in like a week now.
Were having our dinner tomorrow (Christmas Eve) so I have been making stuff to prepare. I just got done making pumpkin bread, and it is soooo good!
I have to get ready for bed now, I am about to pass out.
Oh and BTW, when I get time to get back on here again, I have a real treat for you. We saw the funniest thing I have ever seen in Hawaii today. So funny, we in fact made a u turn just to drive past again to take pics. I will show you soon. Stay tuned.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

House progress

The front entryway



Guest "Amanda's" room

Nursery, lol.

And of course...the ham gets her picture taken too.

Week 12 Day 5

Ok so I may be pushing it out some but this is how I feel! Weighed in at 119.0, 33 3/4 waist. What was I last week? I really should check before I start blogging. Appetite is still great, boobs are still good, gas is under control. Good times. Speaking of gas i just remember I got to go get some. Propane that is.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

My third appointment

Today I liked my appointment. I got to talk to someone finally, and a really nice person at that. Her name was Dana, and she was one of the six midwives offered at the hospital. I liked her alot, it was like getting felt up by your mom instead of a doctor. I chatted with her about concerns and asked her all kinds of questions. She then gave me a boob and uteral exam I guess you could call it. She felt me up in other words. I also got a long overdue pap done. Then we listened to the baby's heartbeat. At first we kept picking up mine, and then there was baby's. It's very different. Unfortunetly I had Chris wait for me in the waiting room, but it would have been nice for him to be there too. Next time I'll have him come and he can take a pic of me sprawled out on the table in my kick butt robe.
Later at 3 we then attended a prenatal class. I learned about nutrition and how to deal with the typical symptoms, which don't really apply to me. The nurse was informative and friendly in nature. I liked her too.
I am sooo tired, and I have to get up early. Goodnight!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A Rant

Hey Lady...ya YOU...the one that posted your table for sale on Craigslist and I can never seem to get a hold of you. Last time I checked, you post an ad to sell your stuff. I know you still have it, your husband is nice enough to take messages for you. You're never home, and you never answer your emails. I would just give up but I'm not going down that easy. Give me an answer and I'll leave you alone. I really do want it dangit.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

RIP Jaws

Well this isn't really him, but thanks to Amanda's research she found one that looked like him. This fish almost died about 10 times and I always brought him back. He was a good pal. He danced around every morning when I'd come to feed him. Sometimes I'd lean over the counter and have chats with him. He was a good listener. That will guy was tough as nails, he suffered for about a month before he finally let go today. He was so weak I had to put him in a shallow bowl just low enough for him to barely poke his head up to breathe. He was old. It was his time. RIP little buddy.

11 weeks 5 days

So now that I know what I am I can properly log my weeks. Tuesdays mark the beginning of the week, seeing as that was the day of the ultrasound.
Anyhow, weighed 118.6 today with no belly growth again. 33 1/2. (Now I gotta look back at my other posts, I think that's the usual measurement?! Right?)
My appetite is wishy washy. I can eat anything one day and struggle to find something the next. Now I know where the weight gain kicks in. I have to keep food in me belly at all times to feel good. My boobs are barely sore anymore, although for awhile they were very itchy and now they are peeling! Sorry if that's too much info, but I'm blogging my progress here folks, so you got to deal.
I guess that's about all this week. Not too much else to report.
Oh I finally got everyone's presents packaged and ready to ship for tomorrow. What a pain! Now I still got to work on my cards, as well as my company cards. That's tomorrow's task. Wow I am really sending them out late this year! Sorry guys, I'm so behind.
Goodnight, I'm going to get some ice cream now. :) mmmmmmmmm..... chocolate brownie

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

IT"S OFFICIAL!!!!! (drumroll please...)

I am 11 weeks pregnant! Unfortunetly, we still have nine more weeks until we know the sex. You have to be 20 weeks for that. Here's our little one!

Here's me taking it all in

Let me tell you. I had no idea what I was in for today. We thought we might see a little something, no biggie. Maybe even hear a heartbeat. Well...the instant I laid on the table the lady poo'd a nice big blob of "warm" lube on my belly and placed the instrument on me. It tickled...a lot. Wow to my surprise...instant baby! It was even clearer on the monitor than what you see in pictures. It's amazing! Chris and I just stared at the monitor in awe with our jaws to the floor. We saw the heartbeat, legs, arms and body squirming and rolling all over. A few times, the baby rolled it's back to us and I could see the vertebrae! It is one of the most indescribable feelings in the world. The nurse told us everything looked great, and the heartbeat is strong and fast (it's supposed to be). We couldn't be happier! Oh, and we're due June 24th!

As an added bonus, here's what I did while sitting in the waiting room. I found this pamphlet amusing. Enjoy!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Week Five

Strangely, my belly shrank. But I have a feeling it was all gas. I don't really feel as bloated as I usually do. I weighed in at 117.6 with a 32 3/4" waist. I feel great! Minimal gas, good appetite, and my senses aren't as sensitive! I like this. We're having a busy Sunday. We decided to hang the Christmas lights and finish fixing the yard that has been put off for far too long. Then we're going Christmas shopping. I think Christmas is going to hurt this year. I still have to do my dang cards. I'm so behind! I have been busy making company Chrismas cards and gift baskets. That's okay, I'm done with that now, so starting tomorrow I am going to make MY Christmas cards at work. Heh. Waste their ink and not mine! Yay!
Alright, I gotta go help Chris.
Ultrasound...two days!