Sunday, December 9, 2007

RIP Jaws

Well this isn't really him, but thanks to Amanda's research she found one that looked like him. This fish almost died about 10 times and I always brought him back. He was a good pal. He danced around every morning when I'd come to feed him. Sometimes I'd lean over the counter and have chats with him. He was a good listener. That will guy was tough as nails, he suffered for about a month before he finally let go today. He was so weak I had to put him in a shallow bowl just low enough for him to barely poke his head up to breathe. He was old. It was his time. RIP little buddy.


mandabear said...

r.i.p jaws. tell roxie I love her.

Tanya said...

Oh No!! Well at least we got to meet him :(