Sunday, December 9, 2007

11 weeks 5 days

So now that I know what I am I can properly log my weeks. Tuesdays mark the beginning of the week, seeing as that was the day of the ultrasound.
Anyhow, weighed 118.6 today with no belly growth again. 33 1/2. (Now I gotta look back at my other posts, I think that's the usual measurement?! Right?)
My appetite is wishy washy. I can eat anything one day and struggle to find something the next. Now I know where the weight gain kicks in. I have to keep food in me belly at all times to feel good. My boobs are barely sore anymore, although for awhile they were very itchy and now they are peeling! Sorry if that's too much info, but I'm blogging my progress here folks, so you got to deal.
I guess that's about all this week. Not too much else to report.
Oh I finally got everyone's presents packaged and ready to ship for tomorrow. What a pain! Now I still got to work on my cards, as well as my company cards. That's tomorrow's task. Wow I am really sending them out late this year! Sorry guys, I'm so behind.
Goodnight, I'm going to get some ice cream now. :) mmmmmmmmm..... chocolate brownie

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