Wednesday, November 28, 2007

My first Appointment

Well...we didn't get the answers we wanted today, but oh well. Today was registration, paperwork, and appt. scheduling. They also took 4 vials of blood and a pee test. However, because we couldn't determine how far I am, we got the lady to approve us for an early ultrasound! It's next Tuesday at 1. Hope we get some answers. Overall, it went well. I learned I will be spending most of my life at the hospital with appointments galore. I HATE doctors, but I guess this is going to fix that. I also HATE getting my blood taken because I have very deep veins you see. Every time means numorous stabs and torment. I met Pearl, a little old Filipino lady that has been doing this since before I was born. She was patient and got it on the first go. She took care of me. I hugged her and told her to please be here always. I have many more blood drawings to go...

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Today we lost a dear member of the family. After 94 years, Mabel Walkins decided she had enough. We are sad for her loss but happy she can now be free of her sufferings. She was a spunky little lady with a big heart. We will miss her stories and wit. Enjoy eternal coffee in Heaven Grandma!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

If you start to notice Chris going cross eyed, now you know why.

No more flashing the neighbors!

We got our blinds we ordered...finally! Chris put the ones in our bedroom up today. It's going to be so nice not to have to hide in my own bedroom anymore! I took some pictures of Chris in action, but I think he's got it all wrong.

Week Four

I'm going backwards. Today I weighed 117.4 with the same 33 1/2 waist.
My appetite is the same, although I want nothing to do with BBQ sauce and avocado. Smells are not bothering me so much anymore. My boobs still hurt and I still produce enough gas to fuel a city. I'm eating a bowl of Ohs and they are delish....
Well that's about all folks.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Week Three

Again I forgot to weigh in when I first woke up. I was so hungry when I woke up I literally got out of bed, peed, and ran downstairs for a delightful bowl of Ohs. hmmmm...I love them.
So I am weighing myself at 2 in the afternoon after eating about 4 times already. 118.4. And my belly is 33 1/2. Hey, isn't that the same as last week? Maybe I had some slight growth. No pic needed!

The cutest ugliest car ever!

Chris sold his Harley and replaced it with this winner for 700 bones. It runs, and that's all it needs to do. I like it. Now he won't get soaked 4/5 days a week going to work. And he's safer...I think.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Alright, Alright

By popular demand, I am going to enable commenting.
Post away! I better not get any weirdos.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Smells that are bugging me

1. Coffee
2. Coffee grinds in the trash
3. Trash can in general
4. The cleaner I use in the kitchen. It smells like pee.
5. The kitchen sink's natural smell.

Maybe I should stay out of the kitchen.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

It's back!

My appetite that is. Meals are sounding good again. For a little while there cereal and english muffins were the only foods on my non appauling list. Heh...sushi the past!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Week Two. Baby or Gas?

Today I forgot to weigh in before eating and all that. I weighed 118, and Chris measured my belly today. He got 33 1/4. Hmmm....
I feel like I am getting bigger. I really wonder how far along I am?
My boobs still hurt. And I am so bloated! I am noticing changes in my appetite too. Nothing sounds good, especially anything salty. Only junk food sounds good and it is making me mad! I am trying really hard to eat well and exercise and this baby wants chocolate milk and cake. grrr....

Sunday, November 4, 2007

New ritual

Starting today, I am going to start blogging my growth every Sunday. Yeah!
This morning I weighed 115.8 and my waist measurement (around the bellybutton) was 32". I don't really know what I was originally, but I used to weigh around 114 and my mid section was about an inch less. I need to be careful because I am already beginning to justify endulgences I normally wouldn't just because I am pregnant. When I wear my shorts my gut cuts off and hangs over. Nice. No pics for now.

Friday, November 2, 2007

My husband is so cute

He is so protective of me since I became pregnant. Looks like I get out of cleaning bathrooms! He doesn't want me breathing in all the chemicals. Works for me! So I had me that sore throat, and he wanted me to go to the doctor. He thought I had some dry throat from being pregnant. lol. I said baby, people get colds, even when they are pregnant. Silly.
I am also very excited to be able to go to the bathroom in peace again. I have to pee about every half hour, and each time I am tormented by this giant daddy long leg in the hallway on the way to my relief hole. Yesterday he was high on the wall but still close enough to gimme the heebie jeebies. Today the little bastard decided to mosey on down to torcher me at eye level. And he won't go away!!! I couldn't take it anymore and told my boss. He took care of him. whewww....

Thursday, November 1, 2007

My throat hurts

and I don't like it. Please oh please just let it be a cold thing. I don't know how the whole taking antibotics and being pregnant thing works.