Sunday, May 25, 2008

Week 36

Nothing new really happened this week. Amelia is moving and kicking me a lot these days, to the point I have to either get up and move around or just hunch over. It tickles! I can't handle it, but I guess I'm glad she's not hurting me!
I weighed 152.6 and measured upper 41, mid 42 1/2 and lower 42. They seem to be normal again now that Chris measured this week.

We finally cracked down and started knocking out the nursery. We finished painting, but we still have to touch up areas, caulk and paint the molding. Then we can pretty much put everything together! I can't wait until it's done. Here's what we did today

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My appointment today

I was a little bit disappointed today because I had hopes I might be progressing. I had my strep swab done and asked for a cervix check. Chris, Amanda and I started a bet how far I could be dialated and how efaced (soft) it might be. We were all wrong. My cervix is not open for business. Nada, nothin. She said that was normal for 35 weeks, but still! I want progress dangit! Looks like I am on track for a June 23rd-ish delivery afterall. So those of you that think're wrong!
She also pressed on my lower abdomen and felt Amelia's head. Yep sir-ee, it's official, she's upside down and ready to roll. Her heartbeat is 153. Good as gold.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Week 35

So far so good. I gained a pound (150.4) and weirdly my measurements dropped...a lot. I had to do it several times over just to be sure. I lost inches (upper 39 mid 40 1/2 lower 40). I know she's making her way upside down now, so i guess it makes a difference in my measurements! I also know she's upside down because she got the hiccups last night for a solid few minutes. The jumps were in my lower abdomen. I've been feeling fine lately but not my best. My lower back is starting to get tense, it's hard to find a decent position when I sit anymore. You know, the typical pregnancy gripes! I also have a lot of nasal congestion. I have for quite sometime, I snore and snort when I laugh a lot!
We graduated from birthing class last Tuesday. I think I'm prepared. Heh. The final class we learned about c sections....gross! I had to watch one. It was not pretty.

Just for the record, I got about 5 comments from strangers yesterday that there is no way I am going to last a month. Anyone want to start a pool for my real due date??

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Week 34

Happy Mother's Day!
It doesn't quite apply just yet, but I got presents and cards anyhow! Another reason to have a day for me is awesome!
Well...same ole same ole really. I gained 3 pounds (149.0) which puts me at an official gain of 35 pounds to date. That's supposed to be my max. gain for the prenancy. So I'm going to go a little over. Oh well! I'm just going to blame it on all my puffiness. I can hardly wear my wedding ring, my watch is tight and I can only wear one pair of shoes. I really need to buy another pair! She seems to be a litte lower these days. My belly measured upper 40 1/2 mid 42 and lower 42. Makes sense because if you look at my belly lately its round on top and goes completely flat down the front. I wonder how she is laying? I'm thinking she's laying horizontal. When she moves I can feel her on complete opposite sides. Sometimes I feel like she's really high as well when she presses on my ribs. I'll be glad when she drops a bit, but my bladder won't! Also those Braxton contractions are happening more frequently and more intense. It's not so bad unless I have to pee, then it's pretty dang uncomfortable!
This past Tuesday's class was a little redundant, but it still reminded me of what I need to know. Massages, breathing techniques, birthing videos (gotta love em) and what we should bring to the hospital. Chris was also able to make this one and it made me very happy!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Week 33

This week was great. I lost an ounce (146.4) and gained 1/2in 'round. My upper was 40 1/2, mid 41 1/2 and lower 40 3/8. I also seemed to have found my feet again, mostly by doing what I should have been all along: elevating them! She is still moving a lot, but not so much kicking. My "What to expect when you're expecting" book told me that anyhow due to minimal space. Still getting the Braxton Hicks contractions as well. No biggie there though. Just my good ole uterus warming up.
This past Tuesday at class we learned all about the different phases of labor and how I will feel. Not too good apparently. Then we watched a discreet birth video that followed the births of 3 women and how they handled labor. Interesting. We also learned about a water aerobics class that is held mon/wed/fri on Pearl. Amanda and I checked it out on Friday and we fell in love! We're going to keep going as long as we can.