Sunday, May 11, 2008

Week 34

Happy Mother's Day!
It doesn't quite apply just yet, but I got presents and cards anyhow! Another reason to have a day for me is awesome!
Well...same ole same ole really. I gained 3 pounds (149.0) which puts me at an official gain of 35 pounds to date. That's supposed to be my max. gain for the prenancy. So I'm going to go a little over. Oh well! I'm just going to blame it on all my puffiness. I can hardly wear my wedding ring, my watch is tight and I can only wear one pair of shoes. I really need to buy another pair! She seems to be a litte lower these days. My belly measured upper 40 1/2 mid 42 and lower 42. Makes sense because if you look at my belly lately its round on top and goes completely flat down the front. I wonder how she is laying? I'm thinking she's laying horizontal. When she moves I can feel her on complete opposite sides. Sometimes I feel like she's really high as well when she presses on my ribs. I'll be glad when she drops a bit, but my bladder won't! Also those Braxton contractions are happening more frequently and more intense. It's not so bad unless I have to pee, then it's pretty dang uncomfortable!
This past Tuesday's class was a little redundant, but it still reminded me of what I need to know. Massages, breathing techniques, birthing videos (gotta love em) and what we should bring to the hospital. Chris was also able to make this one and it made me very happy!

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Michelle said...

Hopefully she hangs on before we get there! :-D I love you!