Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My appointment today

I was a little bit disappointed today because I had hopes I might be progressing. I had my strep swab done and asked for a cervix check. Chris, Amanda and I started a bet how far I could be dialated and how efaced (soft) it might be. We were all wrong. My cervix is not open for business. Nada, nothin. She said that was normal for 35 weeks, but still! I want progress dangit! Looks like I am on track for a June 23rd-ish delivery afterall. So those of you that think're wrong!
She also pressed on my lower abdomen and felt Amelia's head. Yep sir-ee, it's official, she's upside down and ready to roll. Her heartbeat is 153. Good as gold.


Michelle said...

WOO HOO that's good news for me! I get to see my niece arrive. :-D I figured as much though. No matter how big you are, it doesn't mean you're going to deliver early. And you're not that big. I was bigger than you. I'll have to send you pics. :-D To me, you look radiant.

Anonymous said...

Michelle is so right you are radiant. I was also very big with both of mine. But I still think 3 weeks. I don't know why I think 3 weeks it is just a feeling.
Love ya Mary xoxoxo

Nikki said...

hey, at my 38 week appointment the doctor said i was 1 cm dilated and that it looked like it was going to be awhile till i gave birth. i gave birth within that same week. so you never know, you're little one could come at anytime.