Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Her Evaluation Appointment

Her appointment at Tripler was this morning! She was a really good girl. The pediatrician's name was Dr. Chan, he conducted several small tests to test her language and cognitive skills. She scored average in cognitive and below in language (go figure!) I was able to tell him everything she does and doesn't do, and tell him my concerns which made me a very happy mama! So, we have another appointment to redo basically the same tests with him along with their speech pathologist on April 15th. In the meantime, he referred us to a state program that will come and evaluate Amelia from home to see if she qualifies. Also, we will be going back to get a hearing test done, it's routine anyways.

*Note the shapes in the wrong places, lol.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Still no talking!

So I decided to be proactive and call the doc to see if it could be hearing related. I thought it could be a start. She checked her out and seemed to see nothing wrong there (thank goodness). After filling her in on the things Amelia isn't doing at 20 months, she thinks she may have a learning delay. But does she? After all, she only learns what I teach her, right? So if she can't point to body parts, and I haven't really covered those bases, wouldn't it be my fault? She also never has to ask me for things because I already anticipate the things she wants. I may be an enabler.

Nonetheless, I will follow through with Tripler's Developmental Center. I want to know from a professional what I need to do to get her on track. She is a smart cookie, she is developing completing normal aside from the lack of verbal communication. We'll get there soon enough, I'm sure.