Sunday, December 2, 2007

Week Five

Strangely, my belly shrank. But I have a feeling it was all gas. I don't really feel as bloated as I usually do. I weighed in at 117.6 with a 32 3/4" waist. I feel great! Minimal gas, good appetite, and my senses aren't as sensitive! I like this. We're having a busy Sunday. We decided to hang the Christmas lights and finish fixing the yard that has been put off for far too long. Then we're going Christmas shopping. I think Christmas is going to hurt this year. I still have to do my dang cards. I'm so behind! I have been busy making company Chrismas cards and gift baskets. That's okay, I'm done with that now, so starting tomorrow I am going to make MY Christmas cards at work. Heh. Waste their ink and not mine! Yay!
Alright, I gotta go help Chris.
Ultrasound...two days!

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Mish said...

Well I told you already to tell you what I was going to post on here. I love you! Can't wait till tomorrow! pppppllllllllll ;-)