Sunday, December 23, 2007

Week 13 Day 5

I am squeezing this blog in last minute, it's 10pm and I have been busy all day. Jeremy and Shannan came in on Thursday and we have them until next Thursday. We are having alot of fun!
So of course I forgot to weigh in and and measure before I ate this morning. I measured 33 1/3 and 121.4 pounds after a fat stack of hot cakes, coffee and water. Oh well. Nothing much has changed except I am noticing that I am not peeing as much as I used to. I usually awake at 3am to release myself but I haven't in like a week now.
Were having our dinner tomorrow (Christmas Eve) so I have been making stuff to prepare. I just got done making pumpkin bread, and it is soooo good!
I have to get ready for bed now, I am about to pass out.
Oh and BTW, when I get time to get back on here again, I have a real treat for you. We saw the funniest thing I have ever seen in Hawaii today. So funny, we in fact made a u turn just to drive past again to take pics. I will show you soon. Stay tuned.

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