Sunday, June 15, 2008

Week 39

I am soooo sad. I have officially began getting stretch marks, and it really bums me out! I've had them about 4 days now. Urg!! I was doing so good!
I weighed 159.0 and measured upper 42 1/4, mid 43 1/2 and lower 42 1/2. I lost about 1/2" which I hope is some of that fluid! I am trying real hard to keep moving so maybe we can get me dilated a little. If they have to induce Thursday it will be easier if my cervix is ripe. I started logging my contractions and they are still pretty irregular. Frequent, but not consistent. And of course the little girl is fidgeting and moving all the time.

I also went on vacation today....

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Michelle said...

Ahhhh...relaxing in the pool. It's funny; you don't look big at all really when you're laying down in the pool. :-P