Wednesday, June 4, 2008

My Appointment

Today I saw Carmen, and she told me a few things that did not make me too happy. First she tells me my strep test came back positive. I guess it's known that it can cause the baby to get pneumonia at birth without antibiotics. They simply give you small doses in active labor. She said it was very common. Whatever, I have a weird strain of bacteria in my v-jay and I don't like it. Then she examines my belly and tells me I look too big for 37 weeks. She was right, I measured 41! She did tell me her head is a pretty good size, so looks like I might have a little chunker like I was! She was kicking the crap out of me during the whole appt and it showed, her little heart rate was 160. The good news is I am 60% effaced, which means my cervix is thinning quite a bit. Her head is at -2 station, (0 would be the tip of her head at the bottom of my pelvis). No dilation yet.
So Carmen sends me to the diagnostics place for an ultrasound to have my fluids checked. I was a little worried at this point because for some reason it's not good to have access fluid. Amanda and I watched a few episodes of Rachael Ray waiting to be seen. It took forever! Anyhow, that's where the good news kicks in. She looks great! I got to see her little heart beating, her tummy breathing in and out, and best of all, we confirmed she's a girl! No surprises! fluid levels are perfect,she said they measured 15, whatever that means. So, it all works out. Only thing I wish was Chris could have been there.
Here's the pics I got today...what a great money shot!


Anonymous said...

YAY!!!! I told you you weren't going to make it to the 23rd!! Still betting by the 15th!

Michelle said...

Definitely a girl. No doubts there. lol!