Sunday, June 8, 2008

Week 38

Man am I tired. I actually napped for an hour yesterday which is so not like me. I want one right now! We went to the beach and took pics today, I don't have much longer so we had to go get that done ASAP.
I gained 3 pounds! (157.2) I measured almost 2 inches larger as well, but it could just be positioning. The upper was 43, mid 44 1/4 and lower 42.
She is still kicking and moving around as usual! I can't really tell at this point if my braxton kicks have transitioned into regular contractions, but I distinguish them as either a hickie contraction or a hot face contraction. Sometimes they are strong and my face feels like it is flush but I don't think I actually turn red. Heh.

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Michelle said...

Those are awesome pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!