Thursday, July 17, 2008

My baby is 3 weeks 3 days old!

Wow the time is a flying! I know I kinda skipped the whole giving birth thing but you all know about it so there's no sense in elaborating. Honestly, I'm only just now starting to feel human again. I have been a walking breathing sleeping boob for 3 weeks now. I'm feeling just about normal from the c section, and I have about caught up (or became numb) to sleep, or the lack of.
Amelia is getting so big, I measured her at 21 inches and weighed 10.6 lbs today! She is getting real strong. She can hold her head up and kicks like a crazy person. I work with her on pushing and stretching her legs. She talks and stares, mainly at our curtains, she seems to like the contrast in the stripes. Also if you wave something in her face she will follow it, something she has done since 2 weeks, and the nurse said that comes at 4 weeks! She also got her belly button a few days ago!
Today we had our first real "gas" episode. It was about 15 minutes of screaming torture. At one point she became bright red and tears weld up in her eyes and I just lost it. Anytime she cries for real I break down. I can't handle it when she's not feeling good, I just sob right along with her. I must be a mom.


Elsie said...

It's great to see you've found the time to update your blog. Sounds as if both of you are progressing. We love you and can't wait to see all of you.

Michelle said...

HI Amelia My little one,Grandma watched you on video, I miss and love you so much,,God Bless you forever..Love you sweetheart, from your Grandma Gilly..xoxoxoxoox