Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Finally! Progress!

Yesterday was a groundbreaking day for her!

Yesterday morning, as all mornings, she walks up to my face and stares at me with her big silly grin. I open my eyes and say "good morning baby" and she says "hi" clear as day.

Later, she was playing with her books next to Chris and his buddy Fred. Usually she makes a very common "shu jits" noise, but this time it sounded more like "what's this?" This makes perfect sense because when we read books I point and ask "what's this?".

Then...that evening she wanted to sit in her carseat while Dad was installing his car stereo. I stood next to her, and she kept reaching for me saying "gish gish gish". Then I realized she wanted to kiss me! So we played that game over and over.

I really hope she keeps this up! A lot of times she starts doing something and stops. I have been anticipating talking since she was born, so her being slow is KILLING ME! Ha ha, I'm just so excited that she is finally trying. Now I have to figure out all the other sounds she makes...

On a sad note, my perfect little baby bubble world has been compromised. She has caught a nasty cold with a fever. I was up with her all night last night. Hearing her cough up junk and watching snot pour down her face is breaking my heart.

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