Thursday, December 10, 2009


She is growing so quickly and ever evolving, it's hard to put every little thing up here! So here's a few highlights:

Bedtime is still a struggle. She wakes up on average at least once a night still ever since converting her bed. She crawls in my bed in stealth mode until she begins to fidget. I'm so used to getting up it's no longer a big deal now to get up to put her back in bed, and it only takes a few minutes.

She is still not really talking. I try really hard not to get concerned, I know all kids do things at their own pace, but most kids her age are saying a few words by now. She says dog when she looks at Lucy, but that's really about the only consistent "real" word she uses. She knows exactly what she wants and she knows how to show me what she wants. Everything is a pull of the finger. It makes it difficult when everything can be accomplished with a gesture!

She has discovered her eyes, nose and vagina. Keeping her fingers out of them is fun.

She kisses with her mouth closed and gives the best neck choking hugs!

She is getting really good with electronics. She can navigate her entire DS Mario game (switching from mario game to minigames), turn on the super nintendo on the big tv and play some of it, she knows moving the mouse on the computer turns it on so she will move the mouse, crawl up on the seat and start clicking all over the place, and she loves to turn on her movie!

She still LOVES watching music videos. Not kid songs, real music. We have a library of about 15 songs that are her favs.

Potty training? Yah right. She doesn't seem the least bit interested yet. I have a feeling she will never warm up to her baby potty and will go directly to the big one. The closest we are at it is she knows to close the lid after I flush. Ha ha.

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