Wednesday, June 24, 2009


We had our one year doctor’s appt. today. She whined and clung to me during her exam, but was fine for her TB test and blood test (random testing for anemia). Weirdo.

Weight: 24.8 lbs 95th percentile
Height: 30.7 inches 95th percentile
Head circ.: 48.5 inches 97th percentile

She is such a pain to feed these days. The only dinner foods she will eat willingly are sandwiches and pizza. So basically…bread. I keep at it, we’re getting there slowly. In the meantime I still feed her baby rice cereal with food hidden inside. She’s catching on to my tricks though.

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Aunt Dale said...

I remember a little girl that would not eat anything green or orange....
She sounds like she is like her mommy.