Saturday, June 13, 2009

She's a walkin fool now! She does it all: walking, running and standing up without holding onto anything.

In the last few weeks she has began sharing. It's so cute. She shares everything, and if I don't accept it she will force me to by grabbing my hand and putting the item in it. She also fed me today for the first time! She has never shared her food with me before.

She is eating real food for the most part, but is really selective. She really only likes bread or starches. She is also in the beginning stage of phasing from bottle to whole milk. Funny thing, to this day she will not hold her own bottle, never has. But she will drink from a sippy cup, water bottle, straw and real cup all by herself. Silly kid! She tries to feed herself with a spoon too but it gets pretty messy.

She started saying "up" for a while but kind of stopped. So back to babble babble, dad did did dad, fart noises and what I like to call "the zombie apocalypse".

Her favorite thing to do is charge at you with her eyes closed. I think she thinks she is invisable! Her new fun passtime is being tossed onto a bed of pillows. She is getting a tanline from excessive beach beach beach! She really loves being outside, splashing, and feeding the birds. Don't worry, she gets 50spf slathered on with every dip, sits in the shade and wears a rash guard, hat and even water socks. I don't play!

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Michelle said...

That's awesome! Put pics on here of her beach gear!