Sunday, October 26, 2008

Four Month Well Check

She is doing great! She weighs 16lbs 7.4oz, is 25 3/4" long, and her head is 17 1/2". She didn't get any shots because it was too soon since her last round. I have to wait until after Nov 6th. I HATE SHOTS!!!

I also started the rice cereal, 2 tbsp morning and night. She hates it! And why wouldn't she? Amanda tasted it and said it tastes like paste. I tried it with breastmilk and formula. I'm going to try gerber juice next. If that doesn't work, well, she's just gonna have to get over it. Poor thing.

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Michelle said...

Yup they get over it. I mean, who likes formula? And they drink that or breastmilk all year. They get used to it. Rice is good with the stage one foods too. At least it'll get some flavor.