Saturday, August 9, 2008

The latest

I took Amelia to the doctor last week to find out if she has a possible relux problem because she spits up a lot. The doc asked me about her feeding schedule and she said it seems she just may be eating too much. So we set up a schedule of breastfeeding 10 minutes on each side and supplement with 2oz of soy formula every 2-3 hours. The soy helps keep it down, and so far has been working out great! She doesn't even eat that much anyways. But I get to still breastfeed and she spits up very rarely! It's a great win/win.
These days Amelia is smiling and googling much more. Sometimes you can even get an occasional laugh. She also discovered my hair, and likes to grab it all the time.
We had a fantastic week of few to no colic fits until Friday when all hell broke loose. All in all she does seem to be getting better, or I'm just getting more patient.


Michelle said...

Sounds good! I want more pics and videos though. :-P

Michelle said...

Oh...maybe that's why my boys spit up half their food all the time. Duh.

Anonymous said...