Sunday, August 3, 2008

Amusing...but not for weak stomachs!

Well, it's been a few days on the soy formula and so far I have to say I have a pretty happy little girl. She is less gassy and hardly ever spits up. Overall she seems to be in a better mood, although the nightly cry sessions are still the same. When I breastfeed she is fussy all the time and spits up about 5 times after every feeding. It really really makes me sad when I have to look at her eating out of the bottle. I've cried a few times. But I have to not be stubborn and do what is best for her.
Anyways, she finally pooped, I was so excited! So naturally I had to capture it. hee hee.



...enjoy :)


Michelle said...

Oohhhh...split pea soup! mmmmm....

I thought it was going to be everywhere. Damn. lol

Anonymous said...

well at least she's not spitty anymore!!! And then you can get soem rest while someone else feeds her!!
and that's a lovely video, I can't wait until she's older and gets to see all this fun stuff!