Friday, February 8, 2008

I'm getting my baby girl!

But you already new that! Today's ultrasound was amazing. This time the tech had to search around, find specific body parts and chart the growth. Half the time I had no idea what we were looking at, but the lady knew what she was looking for! She asked before we began if we wanted to know the sex so of course we both shout "Yes!" Well during her prodding and searching she suddenly goes, "Looks like you got a girl!" I was like "huh?" I have no idea what I'm looking at here! Figures right? Regardless, I still cried. The tech had me rolling all over the bed to try to get the baby to roll over. She couldn't get the right angle for a heart picture she needed. During the course of the ultrasound we see her punch me and yawn. It was great. The baby weighs 14 ounces and the heartrate was 149. I can't remember now if she told me the length or not. Everything is running smooth and she is developing great! We couldn't be happier. To celebrate I had ice cream twice today.

Oh and on the way home from the appt. she started giving me flutters. Because it tickles, I always place my hand on my lower belly. Well, just then she either punched or kicked me and man did I feel it, even on my hand! Of course I tried to grab Chris' hand but by then she had enough and went to sleep I guess. I'm sure they'll be many more chances.

Me getting gloob all over the place

A very happy Daddy!


Michelle said...

Congratulations Chris and sis! You're getting your princess! Those are fantastic pictures. She's not even a pound but look how much bigger she is from the last ultrasound. Looks like she's already out of room and she's got 6ish more pounds to fit in there! I love you both!

SA said...

Cheryl and Chris
Congratulations on a little Girl. We are so excited for you. Warning Chris you don't know it yet but this little girl already has you wrapped around her little fingers!! Cheryl they are so much fun to have around. Great US pictures. Now the real fun begins and look out for all the pink stuff in the world. I didn't know there were ever so many things pink as when I found out I was having Audrey. By the way may I get your address please?