Sunday, January 6, 2008

Week 15 Day 5...Ah let's just round it off...16 weeks

Wow, I'm 4 months now! And I am very excited this morning because I finally broke out of the 33's! I weighed 122.8 (ouch) and measured a whoppin 34 1/4! Amazing. I bet those grilled cheese's I keep eating have something to do with that.
I didn't want to tell the world about my sex life, but I also want to keep track of this stuff. So sorry in advance. Lets just say the past few weeks were peak. But it's going back down again.
I can eat about anything, just no asparagus!
And let me tell emotions this week are killer. Yesterday I watched Fried Green Tomatoes and kept crying. Then later a pet adoption commercial for abused animals came on and I lost it. I wasn't just crying I was bawling. I am so glad Chris was outside working on the car because I looked like a retard.
I have a cold again thanks to Chris, and it is hard because I won't take anything.
Oh and one last thing, I have to get up in the night to pee again. I had a nice 1-2 week break.


Anonymous said...

I just went to checkout how things were and look at your pics. OMG your having a baby!!!! Yea YEA Congrats!!!!

Elsie said...

I loved the little baby link letting us know what the baby was doing, but now it's gone. 0:-(
I guess we will need to search the net.
Love you guys