Wednesday, January 9, 2008

A few firsts!

Grandma Jeri sent us baby's first present, a beautiful handmade fleece blankie. I have no doubt it will be "her" favorite!
Chris and I were grocery shopping today and decided to pick up some diapers. So here they are. $10.18 for 62. Not bad, that's a good value. It's when their butts get bigger that it's not such a good value anymore.
Later Amanda sent me a link for the best consumer ratings for diapers. Apparently Huggies are the best. I'm already a bad parent. HA...kidding.


tanyahubbard03 said...

I used Huggies, and honestly they stay shut better when you have an extremely mobile baby. Plus they sell them at Costco in the MONSTER box. and they are cheaper than the commissary. Plus the huggies wipes hold up better with nasty diapers. Oh and don't buy too many of those newborn sized ones, some babies are too big when they are born :)

Anonymous said...

You are going to hate this, but the only diapers we could use after the newborn stage was Pampers...super absorbant and they smell yum (for a diaper). Everything else he pood and peed right out of and I got sick of changing his clothes with evey diaper...I would buy a small pack of each and see what works for your little guy or gal. I just think my son is so well endowed that he needs extra help! Ryane