Sunday, November 1, 2009

Oh No.

It has begun.

Last night she woke up crying. I went in there, checked her out, calmed her down and put her back into bed (screaming). It's midnight, I'm exhausted, she'll live. So I get into bed, but the screams are getting louder. I open my eyes and here comes a little nugget running towards me at full speed. She climbs up in bed and cuddles under my arm.

It was too cute so I allowed her to lay with me for a little while until she starts fidgeting and playing on me. So enough of this, it's bedtime! Back to her bed she goes, and out of her bed she climbs. Ugh. She discovered something new. So she slept with me for the first time which equaled no sleep for me. Bummer!

Might as well convert her bed now.


Michelle said...

BTW...Mom says "Payback!" lol

Michelle said...

Oh no is right. How is she doing that?? Ya, you might as well convert it now before she ends up getting hurt. And put the baby gate at the stairs. And break this before it continues. lol. That is one thing I never did and I'm so glad I didn't. Otherwise you will never have any time alone with Chris. =/