Sunday, July 19, 2009

Baby Fingerisms

10 things baby fingers have done to date:

1. Killed one laptop hard drive.
2. Semi killed one Nintendo DS
3. Threw away a remote, the other in the toilet (still works thank god)
4. Threw my computer mouse off the lanai into the street.
5. Has multiple baby things in the bed of the truck from throwing toys over the lanai.
6. Renames computer icons (ie timecards.2222222222222222222)
7. Adds webpages into my favorites on my pc (youtube named mmmmmmm)
8. Adds new contacts into my cell phone
-no name 369#2
9. Sends text messages
10. Crank calls

1 comment:

Michelle said...

Well I don't consider her calling me a crank call! I love it! Oh...add that she tried to send me an attachment of some kind to my phone. hahaha!!!!