Sunday, May 10, 2009


Figured I should take the time to write something. This little nugget is almost 11 months old already! Where did the time go, seriously?

So...lets see..what is she up to these days...

She is taking that next big step towards walking. I have for months held her hands and let her run amok, but I finally realized that she was not learning how to balance herself by doing this. So about 3 days ago I firmly started only holding one hand. The first day she would get so mad because she couldn't walk fast anymore, so she would throw herself on the floor and have a fit. We're over that hurdle, and she can walk pretty darn good! She only relies on me a little.

Yes, she has in recent weeks realized the power of a tantrum. When she really wants something I will hear about it!

She gets no more pacifiers except strictly at bedtime now.

She has 4 molars coming in all at the same time right now, I feel so bad for her! But she does great with it, I still to this day have not had to give her any medicine (knock on wood). So she's got all her front teeth in and we're cooking up the backs. Yippee skippee. I hate all this teething, but am looking forward to her getting to eat more types of food! Right now her favorite thing to eat is any kind of sandwich. She LOVES bread. She gets a turkey and muenster sandwich everyday for lunch, no crusts, cut into hand held strips. I am such a mom.

She is still just babbling, no real words yet. Although, I swear she says hi every once in a while. I say hi and wave to her all the time. (She will wave on command!)
She also loves to have conversations with herself in the mirror. Our closet doors are mirrors, so she likes to slide them back and forth while flirting with herself.

I think that's enough rambling for one sitting. Hope all you girls had a happy Mother's Day. I did...well the best I could :)

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