Thursday, November 6, 2008

What a Trooper

Nug's Battle Scars!

I'm so proud of my baby today. I finally broke down and faced the inevitable. She got her 4 month shots, and she did so much better than her 2 month ones! I wasn't anticipating a good visit, upon entering the immunization room I hear a screaming child which in turn, makes her cry. So I'm like...great, here we go. She settles down after all the screaming children leave. She then proceeds to squeal and smile while we wait. I on the other hand am on the verge of tears thinking of what's to come. We sit in the chair and pop one shot in one leg and one in the other. She cried of course, but I calmed her right away. And that was it! She was over it and back to normal in no time. I think I just need to reeeelax!

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Michelle said...

She's a tough little chicky!