Friday, September 5, 2008

First Shots

Today was torture day, but I'm not sure for who. Amelia screamed like I never heard her before, and it broke my heart! Actually, she screamed for about 20 minutes BEFORE the shots and cried for about a minute after it was over. Go figure. I couldn't stop crying either. The needles were huge and they are so ruthless about it. She got two, one in each thigh. Luckily she had no reactions or fever. She seems to be just fine!
On the good side of the appt. she had her well being check and she is a super healthy baby! She weighs 13lbs 12 ounces (95th percentile!), her height is 23 1/2" (75%), and her head measured 16.06cm (90%). Her head was 13cm when she was born.
So...super growing nugget.


mandabear said...

I knew nugget had chris' head. Its for her jumbo sized brain just like her daddy. I'll bet she's in the 110th percentile for genius baby. I dont sound biased do I? :)

Michelle said...

So so cool! Hey! Where are the pics??? ;-) Love you sis! And Chris! And my super growing nugget!!