Thursday, September 27, 2007

So here is what happened to my Lucy

We're thinking she may have chewed up a thumbtack and swallowed the metal sliver. The doctor said it was a thin piece of metal about a centimeter long and as thick as a paperclip. That ruled out a nail. She swallowed it and sometime later, it poked through the stomach and lodged in fat inside her abdomen. After she wouldn't quit getting sick I took her in and the xray confirmed it. $2000 later I got to take my pup home. This all went down in the beginning of the month. Times like this you really wish you had pet insurance. But does it really work? If it did wouldn't most people have it? I'm still skeptical.
To make it worse, we just got her fixed, so she now has one mean scar rolling down her belly. Dang Dog. She's lucky I like her.

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